Add Control Panel To Desktop: Windows 8

Add Control Panel To Desktop: Windows 8

If you find yourself on the Desktop of Windows 8 a lot and don’t want to keep switching back to the Metro UI to open Control Panel or Windows Explorer, then you’ll probably benefit from adding them as shortcuts to the Desktop.


Add Control Panel and Windows Explorer to Desktop

  • Right-click the desktop and select ‘Personalize’.
  • On the left column of the Personalize screen, click ‘Change desktop icons’.

Personalize Desktop Windows 8

  • Place a check next to each item you want to appear on your desktop. For our example we check off ‘Computer’ and ‘Control Panel’.

Personalize Desktop Windows 8 2

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  1. How to Master Windows 8 | says:

    While setting up your computer early on, and from time to time going forward – you may find yourself needing to change settings via the Control Panel.  Another item tucked away in the Charms menu, the Control Panel can be added as a shortcut to the desktop for much faster access.  Check out this guide to learn how:

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