Creating Spiders With Imbuing Chamber Machine [Skyrim]

Creating Spiders With Imbuing Chamber Machine [Skyrim]

During one of the Lost Knowledge quests, on the way to finding black book The Sallow Regent, characters will run across what is known as an Imbuing Chamber Machine. The machine allows for creation of varying types of spiders which attack enemies with all sorts of effects.

The recipes for creating the spiders are listed below.  Simply add the ingredients to the machine, then activate the imbuing chamber.

Imbuing Machine Recipes

There are a number of spider creations available. Here are the ones we know about:

Tip: Use flawless gems to double the spider creation output.
  • Exploding Flame Spider 
    Ingredients: Ruby + Damaged Albino Spider Pod
  • Exploding Frost Spider 
    Ingredients: Sapphire + Damaged Albino Spider Pod
  • Exploding Shock Spider 
    Ingredients: Amethyst + Damaged Albino Spider Pod
  • Flame Cloaked Spider 
    Ingredients: Ruby + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod
  • Frost Cloaked Spider 
    Ingredients: Sapphire + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod
  • Jumping Flame Spider 
    Ingredients: Ruby + Albino Spider Pod
  • Jumping Frost Spider 
    Ingredients: Sapphire + Albino Spider Pod
  • Jumping Poison Spider 
    Ingredients: Emerald + Albino Spider Pod
  • Jumping Shock Spider 
    Ingredients: Amethyst + Albino Spider Pod
  • Mind Control Spider 
    Ingredients: Soul Gem (filled; the larger the gem the more potent the spider) + Albino Spider Pod
  • Oil Spider 
    Ingredients: Dwarven Oil + Albino Spider Pod
  • Poison Cloaked Spider 
    Ingredients: Emerald + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod
  • Shock Cloaked Spider 
    Ingredients: Amethyst + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod

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    Awesome help; thanks so much.

  2. […] Following the eastern path leads to an imbuing chamber machine which creates spiders from several different materials. There are several kinds including mind control, jumping and exploding spiders. For the complete list with ingredients read Creating Spiders With Imbuing Chamber Machine [Skyrim]. […]

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