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Monday – Friday:   9am-6pm
Saturday:   Computer Repair Services are provided by appointment only.
After hours:   Computer Services are provided on a case by case basis.

Cloud Services:   Ongoing and don’t have hour limitations.

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Cloud Computing & Services

What is cloud computing?

Over the past few years the phrase, “to the cloud”, has been used largely to describe the movement of computing and technology to a more accessible state while eliminating local dependencies.  In short, that means companies and individuals are moving their physical hardware and data to an online source.


How can cloud consulting help my business?

By leveraging the power of the cloud, your business can save on a variety of things from manpower to maintenance costs.  Where a typical office runs physical equipment that must be maintained and updated to meet current standards, cloud providers handle those measures in the background and don’t require your time or any additional cost.


Is now the time to move to the cloud?

Absolutely.  The sheer number of cloud providers are growing exponentially as services focus on customer need.  There are a number of options from complete transition to cloud services or hybrid alternatives that leverage many cloud solutions while maintaining some in house structure.