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GeekITDown Nifty Websites

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Currently we receive submissions from various sources with the overall volume exceeding what we can actually feature during a given week. With literally millions of websites, the competition for being featured on the web is extremely high. Our future plans include expansion of the collections to feature more websites, but for now we highlight websites and tools weekly with an average of 5 in each collection.

There are 2 ways to submit your website for inclusion in the Nifty Websites Collection. We accept web apps, mobile apps, software apps, and websites which provide a service. Websites do not have to be technology oriented, however there are some websites which we will not profile. We don’t accept adult, gambling, dating or similar websites or services.

Basic Submission: Free!

Contact us with the subject as Nifty or send an email to nifty[at]geekitdown[dot]com. Include a brief description of your website, product or service and where we can find it on the web.

This submission is free, but won’t guarantee you a spot in a collection. The volume of submissions we examine versus the number we actually publish means that many are left out.

QuickQueue Submission: $ 64

QuickQueue is a risk-free option for requesting inclusion in the collection. QuickQueue let’s you jump the line and move to the top of the list for review and inclusion consideration. It is the quickest way to get featured. Using QuickQueue guarantees we will review your submission for a collection, but does not guarantee inclusion.

To use QuickQueue, simply transfer $64 via paypal. If we decide not to feature your website or application, then we will refund the payment in full. Simple process.

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button to submit your request.


Nifty Websites Collection: Benefits Of Inclusion


First and foremost your website or application will get exposure. The Nifty Websites Collection stays on our front page, as our top story, for roughly 24 hours, but may exceed that, reaching as long as 48 hours. Along with a stint as Top Story, Collection articles may remain on the front page for extended amounts of time due to the design of our site. So, your website or application could potentially be on our first page well beyond the first 24 hours.

Along with exposure on GeekITDown, sometimes our articles are picked up by other sources who republish them or link back meaning increased exposure across varied sources.

Multiple References

We have many categories covering a wide range of topics. We will feature your website in our collection, distributed across several categories in which your submission applies, including the ‘Nifty Websites Collections’ category. That means increased access and exposure from a number of locations.

Our articles are sorted chronologically, so depending on the category, it may remain at the top of a category list for weeks which could generate extended traffic to your website.


We go above and beyond for our Nifty Websites Collection. All collections receive a posting on Facebook, Chime.In as well as a mention in our newsletter. Additionally, we promote the collection through Twitter featuring each website in the collection, meaning extra exposure for every website in the list.

Of course we expect you’ll promote on your own as well, which is great. You can reference our collection on your website, letting your visitors know you’ve been featured by GeekITDown in the Nifty Websites Collection, adding value and reputation to your submission.

Get Shared Elsewhere On The Web

The targeted traffic generated from being included in our weekly Nifty Websites Collection can move your website up in popularity and gain submission to other sites like StumbleUpon or get listed on Reddit or Digg if your submission gains enough popularity.


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