Pelotonics Collaboration In The Cloud

Pelotonics Collaboration In The Cloud


Collaborating on projects can be productive for all parties, but can also be a huge hassle in terms of coordinating tasks, events and updates. That’s where Pelotonics can help.


Let’s jump right in and take a look at what Pelotonics has to offer. As you’d expect from a collaboration tool, Pelotonics has email collaboration and task management. Email collaboration informs all parties involved in the project by simply selecting a notification option during creation of new items. This simple feature means less logging into the Pelotonics website and more progress towards an end goal.

Beyond the basics are Shared Calendars, Messaging, Time Tracking, Reports, File Storage and a host of other built-in features. One feature in particular that should interest users is Project Milestones. Milestones help keep members of the project on task with the added benefit of tracking overall progress. Through milestones, project managers can assign responsible parties as well as create automatic reminders to ensure important phases are completed. The Project Milestones are tracked and organized into categories which highlights their completion level.

Advanced features of Pelotonics include Branding and Customization and Integrated Document Sharing. Through the use of Google Docs integration and Evernote integration, Pelotonics utilizes two of the most widely used task suites. The added functionality brings an even more familiar way for users to coordinate their information.

Why use Pelotonics?

Aside from all the available features, users of Pelotonics will likely enjoy a huge reduction in wasted time. Using Pelotonics means users aren’t tied to back-and-forth emails or file conversions and more focused by unified platform onto their project or task. Every user involved with a project assembles on or through Pelotonics to keep all details coordinated and easy to find.

This group collaboration solution is an efficient use of everyone’s time and can lead to more quality input and production because everyone is on the same page.


Pelotonics offers a 30-day free trial which is limited in terms of quantity but not quality. Integration is included along with 50mb of file storage for use with up to 2 projects. The free trial also comes with a complimentary 30 minute consultation to help guide users towards customizing their experience.

After the free trial period, users have 5 different priced plans to choose from. Of note are the Silver Plan which is the lowest priced plan that offers SSL protection. Users who plan to use Pelotonics frequently should look at the Gold Plan and upgrade as needed. Gold has everything included with up to 35 projects and 12gb of storage capacity. The remaining plans increase in size.

Final Thoughts

Pelotonics is a very specific use oriented website. Users of Pelotonics will have no doubt sought them out rather than stumbled onto them. The idea that individuals will gravitate to Pelotonics is outside the norm as this type of service is better suited towards businesses. Having said that, businesses should actively investigate Pelotonics as it could open up a new world of productivity for their organization.

We found the interface to be solid. Nothing fancy, but it does the job with a professional look. We’d like to see Pelotonics rethink their pricing plans to make SSL a default feature for all plans. Security should not be an upgrade.

Finally, Pelotonics is ripe with features and for the most part, self-explanatory. We encourage users to utilize the free trial and examine the service for themselves to see the possibilities.

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