Business Service

Business Service

Get network administration or on demand break/fix service for your business.

Business Clients:     

Service Description

Business clients range from single person entrepreneurs to office settings, all with the same goal of technological dependance without interruption. Our service provides clients with immediate attention to their needs with forward thinking resolutions. Our extensive knowledge of the cloud means our clients have a resource available to move their company to the next level.

What We Do

  • Network and Server Administration
  • Server Configuration and Setup
  • Workstation Repair
  • Workstation and User Setup
  • Security
  • On Demand Business Services & Solutions

Business Services Information

Businesses require special attention and unique circumstances surround each.  We pursue the client’s needs with diligence and a sense of urgency to ensure their business keeps functioning at peak performance.  Our clients can expect immediate reaction to issues and proactive maintenance to prevent problems.  We work closely with our clients, providing solutions necessary for them to meet their goals and still remain fiscally responsible to their bottom line.

Though network administration is the main source of business client interaction, GeekITDown works with all types of small businesses.  From one-man-shows to dedicated in-house office setups, we tailor our service to each client’s needs.

Our services range from direct (on site) interaction with physical servers to remote access administration to complete cloud management in order to provide a broad portfolio for clients.  Each service is handled with the same care and courtesy that existing clients have come to appreciate.

Business Services are typically specialized with regards to computer software, computer hardware, networking and security. As such, for all GeekITDown Business Service inquiries, please Contact Us for a consultation.