Computer Tune Up

Computer Tune Up

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Computer Tune Up:     

Service Description

Clients choose GeekITDown Computer Tune Up Service for two main reasons. Primarily clients seek to improve computer speed and system performance. However, they also choose computer tune up service as a preventive measure to limit system problems or issues. Regular computer tune ups and maintenance checkups can reduce the risk of computer slowdowns and performance degradation.

What We Do

  • Check Speed & Performance Settings
  • Clean Up Fragmented System Files
  • Diagnostic Tune Up
  • Remove System Conflicts
  • Develop Maintenance Schedule
  • Computer System Analysis
  • Provide Optional Speed Improvements

Computer Tune Up Service Information

Why all the slowdown?

If your computer is experiencing a slow down or reduction in speed resulting in a lack of performance then it’s probably time to give it a tune-up. Computers naturally tend to lose speed over time. There are many reasons why but a few are easy to spot. Computers are constantly being asked to contain more data and the more space that data occupies the more time the computer needs to process it. Another key factor in speed degradation is program installation. The nature of technology allows for updates and new software applications on a regular basis. Every time a new application is installed, that information is stored away along with all previous applications and adds to the total amount of information a computer needs to access not only at startup but during normal use. As a result computer speed is reduced. Old applications don’t just fade away they are being accessed by the computer even if the user no longer uses them. GeekITDown Computer Tune-up Services examine those and many other potential system speed issues to determine how best to increase and improve system speed.

Prevent Computer Slow Downs

A regular preventive maintenance computer tune-up can help cut down on problems, system issues and improve speed of everyday operations. Its been said before, computers are like cars in that they need regular maintenance, or tune-up, to perform and handle as well as when they were new. That theory is mostly true. A regular maintenance and diagnostic tune-up will lengthen the life of your system and potentially save money on hardware replacement parts or even total system replacement.

GeekITDown Computer Tune Up Services will perform the maintenance and diagnostic tune up needed to keep your system running smooth and with optimum speed again. Additionally, GeekITDown offers maintenance service packages in which we perform a computer tune up at regular intervals to ensure your computer system is always working at top speed.

Here is what you need for Online Computer Tune Up Service:

  • Working High Speed Internet Connection.
  • Working and accessible email address.
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.4 or later Operating System.