Road Trippers - More Than Just Directions, Trip Planning

Road Trippers – More Than Just Directions, Trip Planning

Road Trippers

For those who like to hit the open road, there are a great many ways to find directions and plan trips. From GPS devices to direction web apps like Mapquest and Google Maps to tried and true road maps, getting from point A to point B has never been easier. However, for those who believe it’s about the journey not the destination there is Road Trippers.

Road Trippers

Like other mapping services, provides directions with mileage and estimated time. Additionally, Road Trippers provides an estimate on fuel cost which is a good way to ballpark initial costs of fuel consumption.

Road Trippers uses Google Maps to display the trip route on screen. The on screen display is crisp and responsive which makes for a pleasing interface in which to work with. Users who sign-up can name and save their trips so that planning can be coordinated over time and edited if necessary.


What makes Road Trippers different is the planning assistance provided through a variety of categories. Trip planning involves lodging, dining and shopping locations. Travelers can quickly add those items to their Road Trippers map and set mileage distance from their route to narrow the field. The feature is extremely handy and if utilized can save those late night or early morning searches for a place to rest.

Probably the best Road Trippers feature is the ability to place pin markers for scenic spots along your route. Pin markers can be placed for a wide variety of places such as National Parks, Amusement Parks, Casinos, Theaters, Beaches, Monuments and many, many more.

A trip can turn into a tour of the countryside with stops along the way that may not have been known otherwise. Each category has a unique pin marker color to help travelers differentiate their itinerary.


Along with saved trips, Road Trippers has a unique Bucket List feature that provides users a place to store destinations they want to see.

Through Road Trippers, potential travelers have the option of tapping into more details through their pin markers. For example, if a hotel fits into the travel plans, trip planners can add it to the route as a waypoint which adds an additional stop along the way to the final destination. Users can also click an info link which provides details about the hotel including rating, comment section, address, website, photo and phone number to make reservations.


For directions on getting to a set destination, there are a lot of options. However, if you like to make stops along the way and enjoy the trip itself, then Road Trippers is the tool to use. Their features work, are coordinated well and transition smoothly. The pin markers and giant catalog of waypoint options make creating a trip fun and inviting.

If you’re planning a road trip, then you should examine Road Trippers for yourself and see what you might be missing along the way.

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