Pinterest Pin It Extension For Chrome

Pinterest Pin It Extension For Chrome

Pinterest is exploding with content and as the web phenomenon grows, users are looking for fast, simple ways to pin their favorite images. If you’re a chrome user, then you’re in luck because the Pinterest Pin It extension from shareaholic is a quick pin button.

Pinterest Pin It extension

Pinterest Pin It is an extension for Chrome which adds bookmarklet functionality to your browser. The extension adds a Pinterest Pin It button which, when clicked, grants instant access for sending images to your Pinboards. Fans of minimalistic look and feel in their browser might prefer this extension over the official Pinterest bookmarklet since it’s usable from the toolbar, which gives users the freedom to keep the bookmarks bar hidden.

An added benefit of this shareaholic extension is that it shows the current Pin count for each page. If you like to monitor your own content for number of Pins, then this extension is a great tool. For everyone else, it’s a good way to see if the item you’re pinning has been pinned in the past and just how popular it has been.

Download Pinterest Pin It by shareaholic

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