A Historical Timeline Of Microsoft Technology

A Historical Timeline Of Microsoft Technology

Over the past year we have seen a major influx of new Microsoft products. We’ve seen the latest installment of the Server OS, Windows Server 2012, dubbed the first Cloud OS. Windows 8 hit the shelves, the first multi platform OS available on smartphone, tablet or PC with a brand new Metro interface. And we’ve even seen Microsoft’s first pitch at the table market, launching the Surface Tablet, a product which was met with mixed reviews and interest from the industry as a whole.

So as we get to grips with the latest batch of Microsoft Technology Products, why not take a look back at the soon to be 40 year History of Microsoft. From humble beginnings of the Windows 1.0 OS, Microsoft has come a long way launching a wide range of innovative enterprise products. Lync Server allows businesses to effectively communicate internally, whilst SharePoint facilitates project collaboration through shared documents.

Of course, not every product has been success, highlighted by the fact a certain Windows OS may not have made it into the timeline. Can you spot it?

History of Microsoft Technology

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