Dispatch Keeps Improving With Streamlined Notifications

Dispatch Keeps Improving With Streamlined Notifications

Way back when we first reviewed Dispatch, they were just emerging from their eggshell as it were. The whole Dispatch era was just beginning and to be honest there was more potential than substance.

It’s been a while now and Dispatch continues to improve, enhance and tweak all the things necessary to being a more complete cloud collaboration tool.


How many notifications do you receive on average per day on your mobile device or through email? Likely it is an astounding amount. We get notifications for everything and while most are necessary, control over them is limited.

Dispatch’s latest round of tweaks are aimed at notifications. The additional control means less unwanted and more relevant notifications. Here’s a look at the latest changes:

  • Users now receive a periodic email summarizing new posts in a dispatch.
  • Users will only receive comments by email when someone @mentions them or for posts made by and commented on by the user. Users can also reply to those email messages to make a new comment.
  • Users can toggle whether they receive emails about certain posts by following/unfollowing them on the Dispatch site.
  • Notifications for all activity is available when users visit the Dispatch website.
  • Adding users to a conversation is simplified with the use of the @ symbol. Just place the @ in front of a username to include the user.

Along with the enhanced notification system, Dispatch rolled out some other improvements last month.

Dispatch Button

In the same fashion as a bookmarklet, the Dispatch browser button allows users to create new dispatchs about content they find on the web.

Dispatch Exit

Leaving a Dispatch is now as simple as clicking a button. Each dispatch has the “Leave this dispatch” option from inside the dispatch itself making for an easy exit.

UI Tweak

A new focused layout is now in place to make more content visible on screen. Gone is the gallery and in its place is a list to make finding older items easier.

Have you used Dispatch? What do you think of the changes and maturation of the service? Let us know in the comments!

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