Handling Mac Pink Screen Issues

Handling Mac Pink Screen Issues

Pink AppleThough rare, Macs experience what can only be described as a pink screen issue. Users boot up their Macs only to find their screen has turned pink. It’s a weird issue that can be quite annoying, especially when diagnosing the problem. However, there is a quick step users can perform which may correct the pink screen and get things back to normal.

Fix a Mac Pink Screen

During boot up of the Mac machine, hold the following keys simultaneously until the startup sounds are finished.

Press and hold: OPTION + COMMAND + R + P

That key combination will reset hardware values for several items including the motherboard, NVRAM/PRAM and others as well as features such as Virtual Memory and Mouse Speed. When you perform this reset, make sure you wait and listen for the startup sounds before releasing the keys.

If the reset fails to eliminate the pink screen issue, then the problem is likely a faulty video card and will need to be serviced. Contact an Apple store for a formal diagnosis on the Mac’s video card.

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2 Responses

  1. Chief Geek says:

    @Melanie – This fix sets hardware to a default state, but does not wipe your hard drive.

  2. Melanie Moore says:

    If I do this will I lose any of my folders eg. Photos, Games…?