How Does Cloud Technology Really Work?

How Does Cloud Technology Really Work?

Years ago, the thought of putting your files in the cloud would probably be funny, if not weird. Today, though, cloud storage has become one of the most convenient and safest avenues for data backup and storage. From individual users to business, more and more are embracing this technology because it keeps their files secure and allows them to access it anytime and anywhere needed.

An Overview

Buying a cloud storage service is basically renting computer space. The only difference is that the files are stored on the servers rather than on the actual computer. The biggest benefit of cloud technology is that it keeps files in a remote area with numerous backups as a protection against data loss. They are also able to facilitate good collaboration without risking the security of information, as most of them will require passwords before a person is allowed access to it, which is vital to businesses such as telecom marketing.

Technical Aspect

Once you have uploaded a file, this will immediately be moved to a server owned by the company. This file will then be copied in multiple servers for redundancy, which is favorable in the world of computer because it serves as a backup in cases of system problems or failures. All of the servers owned by the company are bound together so that they all work as a single unit. These servers are contained in data centers which are safely networked through the internet.


The improvements in bandwidth usage as well as that of internet connection speed paved the way of the emergence of an off-site system for backup that does not make use of DVDs, magnetic tapes, and other kinds of removable media. Also, users are able to enjoy the added security that it provides without additional fees added to its regular monthly bill. Another big plus is that this service is highly flexible, meaning you will only pay for what you exactly need. So if you need additional space, you can just avail of an upgrade. The opposite holds true if you need lesser space as you can just downgrade.

As a whole, the cloud technology is still very young but it has already proven itself a safe and effective method to store, backup, and share data online. The storage space that you need does not exactly matter as there is a wide array of options that will meet all your needs. Cloud storage have made it possible for users to keep their documents, photos, and music in a single hard drive that they can access anytime that they need it, wherever they are.

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