10 Screenshot Apps For Windows

10 Screenshot Apps For Windows

How To Take A ScreenshotScreenshots have long been a staple for technicians and is the best way to precisely see and share what is happening on a specific computer screen. Let’s face it though, it seems every week there is another new or discovered bit of software that helps take screenshots. Instead of reading review after review or visiting multiple sites to determine which one is best for you, we’ve compiled 10 of the best alternatives all on one page. The 10 are in no particular order, just read the description and decide which one will work best for you. Enjoy!



Owely is a screenshot sharing service. They have both free and paid accounts with storage limits for each. The idea behind Owely is to take a screenshot, annotate it and share it with others. The real benefit of Owely is in the sharing. By using an account system, Owely stores your screenshots so that you don’t have to download and waste space on your local system. Addtionally, Owely provides a link directly to the screenshot so that you can quickly share it with anyone, thus eliminating the need to email an attachment or copy the image to a portable device. Annotation in Owely is a huge plus. Users can draw on the screenshot itself to focus attention on specific areas or add a post-it like note to further convey the message of the screenshot. As an extra bonus, Owely works on Mac and Linux too.

Download Owely



PicPick is not only a screenshot taker, but an image editor as well. The screenshot part of PicPick allows for various types of capture, including full screen, active window, freehand and others. Dual monitor setups are supported and PicPick has several sharing features built-in as well.

The editor side of PicPick comes with a ribbon style menu and plenty of features. PicPick comes preloaded with several standard shapes (arrows, etc.) and filters (sharpen, rotate, etc.). PicPick’s editor has a grid option for aligning areas or sections according to coordinates, a magnifier up to 10x zoom and a screen protractor to get those angles just right. Other features include a pixel ruler and whiteboard for developing presentations.

Download PicPick


Desktop Hunter

Desktop Hunter has a very simple user interface. It provides screenshots in several formats, including PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG. The key feature of Desktop Hunter is the ability to save the files using compression. Each format has compression level settings and can be tweaked to meet your needs. Hotkeys are available to quickly take screenshots and settings are available to set save preferences. Desktop Hunter comes in a portable version as well.

Download Desktop Hunter



Unlike the others, Fireshot is a browser extension. FireShot for Chrome is a screenshot taking extension that comes with editing, sharing and saving options. Fireshot has a number of screenshot capturing preferences, including entire screen, active window, top to bottom web page and others. FireShot can save the files in typical formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP), but also has the ability to save directly as a PDF file. Screenshots can be immediately opened in an external editor or emailed off as is. Additionally, FireShot is able to capture Flash when taking a screenshot.

Download FireShot for Chrome


Screenshot Captor

If the traditional PrintScreen button just isn’t complicated enough for you, then Screenshot Captor (SC) should give you just enough power to be dangerous. SC adds functionality to screen capturing by allowing for scrolling captures to be pieced together.

Download Screenshot Captor



If you’re looking for a screenshot tool that is great for posting to forums and online, then Shotty is probably the choice. Shotty can upload the captures on the fly with a single click. Shotty’s best feature is the ability to take Aero glass (Windows Vista, 7) screenshots along with frame transparency and shadow. Shotty also includes an editor for adding annotation to highlight the most important sections of your screenshot.

Download Shotty



Greenshot is another PrintScreen button re-purposing tool. It takes the PrintScreen button and adds functionality to it to allow for full, active or last active area. Greenshot screenshot tool saves images in the four typical formats, PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF with options to set preferred output file settings, and jpeg quality.

Download Greenshot



Back to basics is the best way to describe ScreenShot. ScreenShot does not have all the fancy online sharing or complex editing features that some of the others on this list have. What ScreenShot does have is a simple interface that extends screenshot taking just enough to make it more than the built-in PrintScreen function. ScreenShot allows you to move a selection box around your screen and resize as needed to capture an area. Once the size is acceptable, just capture it with ScreenShot and you’re done.

Download ScreenShot



If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to screenshot taking, then SnagIt is for you. SnagIt boasts over 40 different ways to capture your screen, including scrolling windows. SnagIt has editing features for merging, highlighting, magnifying and adding effects to screenshots. Along with some sharing features, SnagIt can add a toolbar to provide screenshot taking from specific applications. Another key feature for anyone who takes a lot of screenshots is the tagging of images for easy retrieval. The downside to SnagIt is that it’s not free, but it does come with a 30-day trial so you can test it out.

Download SnagIt


Snipping Tool

When all else fails or if you don’t want to install any additional software, try the built-in Snipping Tool for Windows Vista and 7. Snipping Tool can take part of or an entire screenshot. Features include freehand selection, annotation and sharing via email all built right into the tool. If you just want a little something more than the traditional PrintScreen button and don’t want to install additional software, then definitely try the Snipping Tool.

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