3 Reasons To Wait For Windows 8

3 Reasons To Wait For Windows 8

Windows 8 Media Center Mockup LogoWindows 8 is predicted to be out late this year and Microsoft has completely revamped the way Windows works. While the underbelly is essentially the same, the visible portion is a reinvention of the OS which makes for some compelling debate.

Those who need to upgrade their machines are likely debating the usual like cost, brand, features, etc., but there are other reasons to consider. In fact, we’re going to give you three reasons to wait to buy a new PC with Windows 8.

Reason #1: Cloud Storage

No doubt many of you have already begun moving to the cloud for storage. Services like Dropbox, Box, Carbonite and many others are vying for your data. Each service continually upgrades their service to better integrate, sync and expand in order to make the cloud as easy as possible.

Microsoft has its own cloud storage service called SkyDrive. It’s not the most popular on the market, but offers 25GB of free storage which dwarfs their biggest rival Dropbox. Microsoft has already announced full integration with SkyDrive in Windows 8 which means ease of use right out of the gate. Those who haven’t yet signed up for cloud storage will be given the option immediately and thus alleviating a lot of the anxiety about choosing one that works well with Windows.

Reason #2: Hardware Upgrades

Windows 8 will require basically the same hardware specifications as Windows 7. However, there are some benefits to Windows 8 hardware support that could sway you towards a Windows 8 PC purchase. Windows 8 will support USB 3.0 compatibility which is far superior in terms of speed than USB 2.0. With a maximum transfer speed of 4.8Gbps and full backward compatibility with USB 2 and USB 1, USB 3.0 will greatly improve portable transfer and storage efficiency.

Microsoft recently released Kinect for Windows which is the addition of the Xbox Kinect device to Windows powered PCs for motion control. Windows 8 will have this feature built-in. Whether or not the Kinect motion technology hardware is somehow integrated into laptops or monitors is yet to be determined, but if so the possibilities are expansive as to how users can control their PCs. The benefits could be enormous.

Reason #3: Touch Technology

Up until now, touchscreens have been mostly beneficial on smartphones and tablets. All-in-one touch PCs made an attempt, but ultimately fall short of being a viable touch PC. Windows 8 may change that. Microsoft’s new OS is completely oriented towards touch screen manipulation. As a result, manufacturers will rush to build touchscreen laptops and PCs. Though they may be hesitant, PC manufacturers must embrace Windows 8 in order to remain relevant in the ever advancing world of mobile computing. Users who wait to buy a new PC will benefit from laptop touch technology and take full advantage of the new Windows 8 operating system.

The benefits of a laptop touchscreen will be different for each user, though the inevitable move forward will likely mean the demise of the laptop as we know it. If Windows 8 and touchscreen technology on PCs is done correctly, then PCs (laptops in particular) will likely transform into powerful tablets. Advancement aside, laptops will remain in their current state for some time and Windows 8 will be a welcome addition.

Update: The announcement of Surface answers the speculation about laptops and Windows 8. A touch tablet with detachable keyboard.

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