App Roundup: Toy Story Live Wallpaper

App Roundup: Toy Story Live Wallpaper

Ahh Toy Story, the classic Disney film which takes us back to our childhood days of escape through the wonders of toys and our imagination.

Now there’s an app for that!

Toy Story Live Wallpaper

If you’re unfamiliar with ‘Live Wallpapers’, they are backgrounds for mobile devices and generally have animation whether it be constant or intermittent and some have an element of interaction which is the case with Toy Story.

The scene is Andy’s room, complete with desk, bed, shelves, posters, bulletin board and other typical boy’s room décor. Throughout the room are different elements which add to the atmosphere such as a globe which users can spin, a bounce-able ball and bulletin board where a message can be written with colored block letters. The live wallpaper also tracks the local time of day and adjusts the environment (outside window) accordingly for nighttime and daytime.


What would a Toy Story app be without characters like Woody, Buzz and the gang? An empty one. Which is the default for the live wallpaper. Characters are unlocked via two methods.

First, users can purchase bundles and unlock them. Second, characters are unlocked through a collection of points which are accumulated through capturing army men and dartboard bulls-eyes. Total points collected are display on a laptop within the wallpaper. The first method is much faster, but way less fun than the second.

Each day users can throw darts in an attempt to hit the bullseye. The dartboard can only be accessed once a day. Army men on the other hand can be captured repeatedly, all day long. The points vary, but the process is always the same. Army men parachute in to the screen and users must tap them to gain points.

App Roundup Toy Story Live Wallpaper Dartboard

Character list:

  • Woody
  • Buzz
  • Hamm
  • Rex
  • Aliens

What’s Missing

Toy Story Live Wallpaper is exactly what you’d expect from Disney. A fun little escape for your mobile device and safe for all ages. There could be more from this little app, so these are the things that we’d like to see added in a future update.

More Characters

Even Toy Story purists would insist on Slinky Dog and Mr. Potato Head being included in the app. Both would be great additions to the live wallpaper and it’s easy to imagine their own unique animations on screen. Beyond the original cast, the app could benefit from Jessie, Bullseye, Bo Peep, Wheezy, RC, Etch, Mrs. Potato Head, Lenny and plenty of others to choose from. We’d even be open to seeing Stinky Pete the Prospector and Zurg.

For The Girls

Another thing we’d like to see is a girl’s room option. While not strictly Toy Story storyline material, it would give girls a more appropriate option. Of course any girl’s room could be decorated with the likes of Jessie, Mrs. Potato Head, etc.

More Live Action

Aside from those two major additions, Toy Story Live Wallpaper could do with a bit more Live factor. Perhaps RC cruising across the floor at random or Etch propped up on a shelf with a random sketch after an unlock or device shake. There are a number of possibilities and we hope the app crew over at Disney open up their imaginations in future updates.

Final Notes

As it is, Toy Story Live Wallpaper is an excellent little app that is sure to please even the biggest of kids. It is free and available now.

Download Toy Story Live Wallpaper

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