Evemi - An Interest Based Social Website

Evemi – An Interest Based Social Website


A new social network looking to make its mark on the web is Evemi. Evemi is an interest based social website designed to connect users through similar interests and likes.

The Idea

Evemi isn’t looking to be another Facebook, although users will undoubtedly make friends there. Rather, the point is to connect people through their shared interests. For example, a popular interest may be soccer, so individuals can share and exchange things about soccer. Another example is a less popular interest such as herb gardening and so on and so forth.

Evemi’s interest based idea is nothing new. In fact recent attempts, from other interest based social networks, haven’t performed as well as expected. So how does Evemi gain popularity and be the success that others haven’t? That’s something Evemi will have to answer, but the things they’re doing now put them on the right track.


The interface is light and uncluttered. Speaking from experience, that’s a very pleasant change. As you’d expect, Evemi takes full advantage of the @ symbol in order to facilitate communication between users which keeps interaction uniform between platforms (ie Twitter, Facebook).

Through the use of hashtags (#) posts are tagged with interests, making them easy to find and organize through the network. Hashtags are the smartest way to go for Evemi, they are becoming universal and it means users coming from Twitter won’t need to learn a new way of announcing their content.

Social Success?

Evemi is still very green in terms of maturity. They lack user base and as a result will struggle for a while until users discover them and start engaging on their platform. They have a decent base on which to build right now, but as we’ve seen in the past things can quickly go downhill if left unnurtured and unattended.

Overall success will be heavily dependent upon Evemi’s team and how well their interest based social network is adopted.

We’d like to see Evemi learn from others mistakes. Their system is raw right now and as such needs to be secured from the likes of spammers prior to mass adoption and user sign-up. We hope they stick with a universal theme as Facebook has done, but allow some personalization with regards to persona for users. Finally, in order to keep users engaged it’s imperative that users can engage with others. That means avoiding the urge to populate interests with feeds and robots, instead let users curate the content.

Evemi is at the start of their journey and at first look have the potential to be a quality destination for users seeking escape from Facebook and Twitter. Evemi is at invite only stage right now, so you’ll need to request an invite.

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5 Responses

  1. Chief Geek says:

    Thanks again Paul, appreciate it!

  2. Paul Brown says:

    Thanks Chief Geek that’s very nice of you, I have put a link up on evemi.com/about to Geek It Down to say thanks!

  3. Chief Geek says:

    @Paul – Great to hear you’re still in development! Evemi is certainly a promising platform that we hope excels going forward. Thanks for dropping us a line!

  4. Paul Brown says:

    Hey guys, I am the founder at evemi and have just happened across this articel.. THANK YOU so much for the kind words and thoughts on evemi… you are totally right, we are just at the very start of our journey and we are in the middle of making huge changes and improvements to make evemi even better!.. Hope to see you guys on evemi soon!

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