Filter Reviews By Device On Android Market

Filter Reviews By Device On Android Market

Wish you could find app reviews tailored specifically for you or your device? Now users can filter user reviews of apps in the Android Market by device.

Do you make an app decision based on user reviews? If you like to do your homework before installing anything on your phone, then reviews are likely a part of your investigative routine. No matter how much reviews play a part in your decision, the search for relevant information can seem daunting. Now, a small tweak to the web interface of the Android Market allows users to filter out the irrelevant results and narrow the reviews down to only those associated with your phone or device.


How To Filter The Reviews

In order to take advantage of the new filtering, you’ll need to head on over to the Android Market website:

  1. Login with your Google account.
  2. Browse through and select an app that interests you.
  3. Click the ‘User Reviews’ tab.
  4. Scroll down to just below the colored ratings bars and look for ‘All Devices’. Click ‘All Devices’ and select your device to filter the results.
    Android Market Device Filtering

In addition to the filtering, users will notice a green highlighted area on the left side of the screen which will state the app is supported on the users’ device.

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