How To Send Voice Messages To Friends [Facebook]

How To Send Voice Messages To Friends [Facebook]

So if you haven’t heard, Facebook’s Messenger app now offers users the option to leave a voice message for their friends. The idea feeds off of VoIP similar to Skype and others, but the Facebook method doesn’t require any software installations or fancy plugins to operate.

Currently the option to send voice messages is only available through the separate Messenger app for Facebook though we expect that to expand eventually.

How To Send Facebook Voice Messages

  • First, head over to your device’s app store, search for and install Facebook Messenger. [info]Facebook Messenger for iOS
    Facebook Messenger for Android[/info]
  • Open the app and press the + sign to start a new message.
  • Enter in a friend’s name in the ‘To:’ field.
  • Press the + sign next to the ‘Write a message’ field.
  • You’ll notice several options. Tap ‘Record Voice’.
  • Press and hold the record button (circle with a red dot in the center) and speak your message.
  • Release the record button when you are finished.
  • Messages are automatically sent once the button is released.

Once the recorded message is sent, users can listen to it at anytime by pressing play inside their message center.

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