Why Sony Stole The Show At E3 2013

Why Sony Stole The Show At E3 2013

E3 is a time for gamers and gaming geeks to enjoy the spotlight, a time of renewed hope and a time of anticipation. E3 2013 was no different. Gamers were provided a cornucopia of information surrounding the next generation of consoles, new IPs and sequels to fan favorite franchises.

Among the biggest news at E3 inevitably surrounds the console makers. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all have their own time to showcase offerings and unique content to wow fans and intrigue gamers. This year much of the surprise was already delivered via pre-E3 events both by Microsoft and Sony which unveiled new consoles from both companies.

Why Sony Looks Like A Winner

Up until E3, both consoles appeared very similar in terms of hardware and for the most part what we’d expect from this round of next generation systems. Microsoft took a great deal of heat over some of their decisions while Sony had a huge question mark hanging over its head with no console images or diagrams.

Console & Controller

For Sony, all that changed when they took the stage at E3 2013. Sony teased viewers for the first third of their presentation with, for the most part, lackluster details and information. However, the reveal of the PS4 couldn’t have gone better. Its sleek style with slanted front and back edges make the two-tone black console a definitive and unimposing piece of hardware. In addition, the slightly larger PS4 controller is sturdy and includes a touch panel for increased control and options.


Sony continues to support and push out new games to the Vita. The handheld Playstation option has slowly but surely won over the hearts and minds of many gamers. The long list of games coming to Vita include Killzone, Counterspy, The Walking Dead 400 and more. Sony hit all the right buttons (pun intended) to keep Vita in the mobile gaming discussion.


While Sony’s PS4 isn’t a clear winner in the games department, they did provide them in equal amount and quality to that of Xbox One. Titles such as Destiny, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Order: 1886 and others lead a long list of over 140 games in development for the PS4 right now.


As with the Xbox 360, the PS3 will continue to receive many games. Although much of the focus, in the media, will be on the PS4 there are a great deal of high quality games making their way to the PS3 including The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Batman Arkham Origins and others.

Pricing & Restrictions

The main reasons for Microsoft taking a beating from fans leading up to E3 was the restrictions they plan to put on gamers with regards to used games, internet access and kinect integration. After their E3 presser, there was even more heat sent their way with the added shock of a $499 price tag on the Xbox One.

Sony whether by design or just plain good fortune absolutely clobbered Microsoft by imposing zero restrictions on used games and connectivity. Gamers won’t need to be constantly connected to the internet, check in regularly or have a camera always on monitoring their moves. It was just the sort of news gamers wanted to hear and needed to be told.

As if that news wasn’t enough to ingratiate Sony to gamers, they unveiled the price of the PS4 to the tone of $399 – a whopping $100 less than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Without a doubt after those declaration were made, Sony was well on their way to enjoying a pleasant week at E3.


Where Microsoft focused too much on entertainment and TV during their pre-E3 event and soured many fans, Sony discussed the PS4’s entertainment offerings during the E3 presser. While much more subdued than the gaming portion, Sony showed they are willing to provide options like Netflix, Flixster, Hulu+ and others via the PS4 console.

Original programming is in the works from Sony of the PS4 with Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited read on day one. The brilliance is that Sony will provide much of the same entertainment offerings through the PS4 that the Xbox One will provide, but Sony chose to downplay that aspect which was marketing genius.

Summary & Highlights

Though we would have liked to have seen more original IPs come out of the Sony presser, it’s almost impossible to say anyone other than Sony won this year’s popular vote. The slick console, attractive price point, restriction free gaming, improved entertainment and overall willingness to give gamers what they want undeniably put Sony on a pedestal for the others to reach.

  • Square black matte/gloss finish with angled edges at front and rear
  • Sturdier controller design with touch pad
  • Release Date: Holiday 2013
  • Price Point: $399
  • Restrictions (games & connectivity): None
  • TV & Music services integrated: Yes
  • PSN Memberships Transfer?: Yes
  • 140 games in development
  • Cloud gaming with access to PS3 titles: 2014
  • Pre-order: PS4

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