App Roundup: News360 Review [Tablet version]

App Roundup: News360 Review [Tablet version]

If you happen to use your smartphone or tablet for more than just games, then you likely have at least one news reader. News readers are extremely plentiful now with focus on everyday news, niche topics, social stories and other varieties all designed to deliver content to you from blogs and news sites around the web.

Today we’re reviewing News360 (Tablet version). News360 is similar in many ways to other readers you may be using or have used in the past. News and stories are pulled from a wide variety of sources and articles can be segregated by topic and saved for later reading. Unlike others however, News360 doesn’t require a lot of source adding and topic subscribing. News360 learns your reading habits and tailors articles to fit your preferences.

The differences between News360 and others begins with it’s responsiveness. Though the app pulls a great deal of information in from outside sources, including images, it responds very quickly. Stories and images load within seconds of opening and smooth sideswipe scrolling keeps the app moving quickly from page to page. Along with speed comes reliability. In the past we’ve recommended several readers, including Pulse and Google Currents. Unlike those readers, News360 doesn’t suffer from the same performance degradation associated with large apps, such as news readers.


Beyond the breadth of information that News360 delivers, there are a number of excellent features to keep you going back to this app over others.


Sure, there are lots of topics and yes you can choose your own of which to follow. However with News360, choosing topics is exceptionally painless, guiding you through the initial setup phase to ensure your topics of interest are setup immediately. Topics/categories are aligned across the top of the app where they can be rearranged, added, removed and expanded with ease.

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Article Delivery

Over time, News360 learns what you enjoy reading and delivers current stories to you based on your habits. The behavioral customization is mostly accurate though can still seem out of sorts at times. News360 uses accomplishments to alert users of how well they are assisting the app in customizing the delivered content. Accomplishments may sound like a bit of work, but really it’s just about reading. The more you read, the closer you get to achieving ideal content delivery.

Evernote Integration

Have an Evernote account? A lot of people do. Through app integration, News360 can save articles to an Evernote account for later reading, reference or whatever the reason. Evernote is one of the most widely used apps on the market. The integration allows for easy sharing and saving, ensures stories are more readily available for reference and keeps News360 tidy.


All the top end news reader apps have a visual appealing interface with large bold images and easy to read text with direct links to articles. News360 is no different, but the added benefit of flip boxes means less ‘tap and back’ as users can spin the news box to see a more detailed blip from articles before opening the full story.

News360 also acts as a full fledged browser. Articles can be opened on the originating website directly from within the app which again means less back and forth between apps. Webpages load remarkably quick with a preview box showing what users can expect. While not entirely necessary, the preview box is a feature we find to be highly positive in adding transparency to link destination.


Another news reader may not be at the top of your list or even light a spark of excitement in your eyes, but News360 will definitely bring you a sense of contentment when you realize it’s the only news source you need.

News360 learns reading habits and returns the most relevant stories while still delivering other top articles and niche topics that may broaden your reading horizons.

If you haven’t tried News360 yet, give it a try and share with us your experiences and thoughts.

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