How To Take A Screenshot On An iPad

How To Take A Screenshot On An iPad

One thing that users typically have need of from time to time is a way to screenshot their iPad screens. Desktop screenshots have long been used for a variety of reasons, but with the push towards mobile that handy little feature has been somewhat left behind. Apps are gradually trying to fill the need, but ultimately the process should be much simpler and be a standard function available on all mobile devices.

Having said that, the iPad does have the function built-in but is more of a button combination than simple tap of the screen. Here’s how to capture a screen image from an iPad:

  1. Quickly press the Power button and the iPad Home button (shown below). Note: You must perform this quickly or the iPad will turn off due to the power button being depressed for too long.
  2. You may hear a click or see a flash of the iPad screen. Those indicate success, but some may not hear the sound and/or blink during the flash.
  3. To see the screenshot, tap on the Photos app and look for your most recent screenshot image (they’re automatically sorted with camera roll photos). If this is your first time, it should be distinctive.
  4. If the screenshot is for diagnostic purposes, simply email it to whomever you like. If your intent is to share the image, just upload the photo using the usual method for each social app.

This method works in both landscape and portrait modes and works while viewing other images.

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