How To View Friendship Status Page [Facebook]

How To View Friendship Status Page [Facebook]

The new couples pages feature has brought to light for many the long implemented Friendship Status pages. For those unaware of this feature, here’s how you view the Friendship Status page for each friend.

How To View Friendship Status Page

  • Login to Facebook.
  • Navigate to one of your friend’s Facebook pages.
  • Look for the gear icon just below the lower right-hand corner of their timeline image.
  • Click the gear arrow.
    Facebook Gear Icon
  • Click on ‘See Friendship’.

Facebook See Friendship

If done correctly you should have been directed to a unique page displaying information related to only you and the friend in question.

The pages are a good way to keep track of conversations and find something you both interacted on, in the past. What are your thoughts on the pages?

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