Kippt To Save The Important Stuff

Kippt To Save The Important Stuff


Ever try to find a bookmark you made a week ago, only to realize there are too many to sort through? Even if you haven’t, you probably desire a more organized purposeful way to save online information. Kippt is to information what Pinterest is to images.

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Think of Kippt as a knowledge saving site. Many users share photos and images across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other photo-sharing sites. But where can users store useful information that may not necessarily have an image associated with it? Bookmarks work, but are often disorganized and rarely sorted by users. In steps Kippt.

Kippt helps users collect important information and store them in lists or categories in the same way Pinboards are used on Pinterest. Users come across useful information and add it to their Kippt list. For example, a list may contain content about different cloud storage services as a way to reference and compare them.

Additional Features

Kippt offers an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers to make sorting and saving links simpler. The Collaboration feature is a way for users to combine their interests and saved links into a single list which makes Kippt a bit social as well.

Kippt is very much like a bookmarking service, but is more about storing knowledge and important information. The current interface is very clean and extremely heavy on the white side. Professionals will likely adopt Kippt easily as it has a Google type feel to its simplicity.

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