Nifty Websites Collection [October 29, 2012]

Nifty Websites Collection [October 29, 2012]

View any one of the nifty websites from our weekly collections. Each week we scour the web searching for nifty websites and online tools that will, hopefully, benefit our readers. Websites are discovered from a wide range of sources, covering all sorts of topics. If you want to be informed of new collections, subscribe to our RSS feed here, or join us on Facebook for a weekly notification. This week all three Nifty Websites focus on website building and web presence.

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Typically our Nifty Website choices focus on the smaller, up and coming websites that are on the verge of success. Yola is a bit different in that they are already well established and for the most part successful. However, their website builder offers something that many don’t in the form of business tools and merchant integration options. Continue..Read more about Yola.
Nifty Websites Collection Yola

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One of the more common aggravations about social interaction and networking online is that there is just so much of it. Think about the websites you visit everyday and undoubtedly there are a handful of social websites on the list. Plainly put, our identities are scattered all over the web and with them our connections. In an effort to simplify and organize all those social places into a centralized digital form, Follr has created a business card type presentation for all your personal spaces. Continue..Read more about Follr.
Nifty Websites Collection Follr

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A popular topic covered in the Nifty Websites Collection is website creation. We’re on a mission to make sure everyone who wants an easy way to create a website, knows the options. With that in mind, is another outstanding way to take advantage of point and click website creation. Continue..Read more about Flavors.
Nifty Websites Collection

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Make Your Website Part Of The Nifty Collection

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