Save Bookmarks Publicly And Privately Using Grazely

Save Bookmarks Publicly And Privately Using Grazely


Bookmarks are something of an afterthought these days. Users bookmark sites at will and through the endless amount of sharing sites, always have a point of reference for recent finds. It’s no surprise then, that so many bookmark managing cloud solutions have developed. Grazely is one of those solutions with a couple distinct features.

Grazely offers expected features that any bookmark manager should have. A bookmarklet for convenience and direct link saving, tagging, search and access from all web enabled devices. Another, not always common, feature that we insist on from cloud bookmark managers is easy import/export functionality. Grazely imports bookmarks from browsers through .html files and can import Delicious bookmark files. Exporting from Grazely is simple and a highly desirable feature for many.

Grazely stands apart with their security measures for accounts. Accounts can store both public and private bookmarks to keep leisure and professional users happy. Private links aren’t a necessity for everyone, but some professionals need that extra layer of privacy which makes Grazely an ideal option. Through the use of an encryption key, Grazely adds additional security to an otherwise standard security setup used by many other websites. Those familiar with mobile device gesture locks will understand the key usage more than others.

Finally, through the use of groups, Grazely bookmarks can be shared and organized to better coordinate ideas and conspire with others. Grazely is a free service and, as of June 2012 in an invite only status so you’ll need to request an invite.

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