Brand Recognition Logos From GraphicSprings

Brand Recognition Logos From GraphicSprings


When I started out as a small business owner, one of the most unexpected difficult items to nail down was a logo for my company. The services were in place, the company name was set, even the catchphrase was picked, but that logo drove me nuts. Eventually everything worked out, but coming up with ideas was incredibly difficult. GraphicSprings free logo design maker would have been a huge help to me and is a great resource for others struggling to get their logo right.

Free Logo Design

The logos are crafted from a database of 500 existing images. Users then manipulate the graphic and font to personalize the logo. Customizations include size, color, font style and effect.

The color picker auto generates corresponding colors when used with the logo icon. For example, if a logo has a triple color palette which is primarily blue and a user changes the color to primarily red, then the accent colors will compliment the red. The built-in feature alleviates any trouble users might have with coordinating colors.

GraphicSprings Logo Example BlueGraphicSprings Logo Example Red

Most of the editing is performed on the font with styling options, font choices, spacing and color. Font effects such as 3D and calligraphy can be applied to the text portion of the logo design and GraphicSprings supplies font types which match the effect. The process makes choosing a font more straightforward so that users don’t have to scroll through endless amounts of fonts.

When complete, users can download the file in jpg, jpeg and png formats.


For small businesses and freelancers just starting out, a logo can seem like a ludicrous waste of time and resources. The fact is though, that a logo is important, it can describe a brand or product and needs to be memorable to consumers. GraphicsSprings helps nudge the process along by offering a huge catalog of free options so that focus is on service and product instead of logo design.

GraphicSprings is on the list of must check resources for anyone that’s creatively challenged.

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