Nifty Websites Collection [October 15, 2012]

Nifty Websites Collection [October 15, 2012]

View any one of the nifty websites from our weekly collections. Each week we scour the web searching for nifty websites and online tools that will, hopefully, benefit our readers. Websites are discovered from a wide range of sources, covering all sorts of topics. If you want to be informed of new collections, subscribe to our RSS feed here, or join us on Facebook for a weekly notification. This week we look at a social media management tool for small businesses, an online photo editing tool and an easy way to create strong passwords.

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Small businesses are still trying to understand and properly use social media to expand their brand and market their products and services. To that end, management of social media accounts can seem like an overwhelming task with the number of social channels continually rising. Postling is a social media management tool for small businesses with an emphasis on simplicity for brand marketing. Continue..Read more about Postling.
Nifty Websites Collection Postling

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Quality in photos isn’t natural. In fact most popular photographs are in one way or another edited to enhance image quality or hide imperfections. That’s why photo editing tools are so plentiful. Citrify is another such tool focused on imperfection correction. Continue..Read more about Citrify.
Nifty Websites Collection Citrify

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Password Generator

If you’re a user who spends more than 12 hours a week online, then you likely need to create new passwords fairly frequently. With so many new cloud services, social websites and online gaming, new account creation is a regular activity for most. Password Generator is a super quick way to help make the sign up process a little easier. Continue..Read more about Password Generator.
Nifty Websites Collection Password Generator

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Make Your Website Part Of The Nifty Collection

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