Chartbeat: Go Beyond Traditional Analytics

Chartbeat: Go Beyond Traditional Analytics


Webmasters are well familiar with Google Analytics and in many cases other traffic analyzing tools. Most websites use some form of visitor tracking in order to determine where visitors come from and why they’re visiting the website. The end result is the benefit of improving a website to focus more on the content users want to see. Chartbeat, quite literally, states they don’t do that.

So why all the buildup then about analytics? While Chartbeat doesn’t analyze traditional traffic and data which other services like Google Analytics already provide, they do analyze a great number of things which fall outside the norm. Chartbeat goes beyond visitor entry points and keyword delivery results. Instead, they focus on social behavior that occurs across the web.

Chartbeat shows some of the basics like real-time visits, top content and traffic details. Where Chartbeat stands out from the crowd is how they analyze and deliver social engagement results. From mentions to shares, tweets to likes, Chartbeat shows that information along with engagement data and conversations about your identity.

The overall goal of Chartbeat’s constant analysis is to provide webmasters the opportunity to react immediately and use the real-time data instantly to produce more valuable content. Chartbeat isn’t free, their plans start at $9.95/month though a 30-day trial is offered.

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