Brand Your Cloud Storage Using Onehub

Brand Your Cloud Storage Using Onehub


Onehub is another option in the ever increasing cloud services for storage and sharing. The major difference is that with Onehub, users can make it more personalized to reflect either their business or personal style.

As with other services, Onehub offers users the ability to store files in the cloud and share them whether it be for collaboration or other purpose. Adding files to Onehub is dead simple as they use a drag and drop method which avoids the need for upload interfaces and repeated button clicks. For those who need to upload a large number of files in one go, Onehub offers a convenient FTP option and Onehub sync.

Everything is stored much like you’re used to on a computer. Onehub uses workspaces which are essentially folders with some advanced features such as commenting. Recent trends have services calling for users to utilize tagging systems and categorizing to organize their files, but Onehub doesn’t. Instead, users are capable of organizing their data in any manner they please. We are keen on forcing users to organize their data as it only makes sense, but Onehub is great for someone who already has a working system in place and wants to carry it over to their cloud storage service.

The other major feature from Onehub is the sharing integration. All workspaces can be shared in the cloud with other users through a simple invite. Invites can be drilled down to the smallest level of single files or, as mentioned, up to an entire workspace. In addition, there are administration options to set permission levels of users as well as secure link sharing to ensure data is protected.

Onehub has other great features including syncing across devices and in browser file viewing which make it an appealing option. The service is not free, but the personal plan is a modest $29 for 5GB of storage and custom branding.

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