Clip The Web To Keep Everything You Love

Clip The Web To Keep Everything You Love


For many of us, particularly younger generations, the web is the world. Almost everything we love can be found online. We communicate with friends and family, we share outrageous photos and funny videos, we shop and conduct business, even create art and music online. All of those things make our lives better in one way or another, but one pitfall of having all that knowledge and convenience at our fingertips is that we become complacent in our retention. Clipix successfully makes remembering all the internet’s wonders easier.

To make it simple, think of Clipix as an online bookmarking site. You store relevant websites, photos, videos and whatnot by using a Clip button. Similar in style to clicking a favorite button on your web browser, the Clip button saves your “clips” to your Clipix account. The great advantage of using the Clipix method is that all your clips are accessible on all devices without the inconvenience of importing and exporting. Clip something from your home PC and view it later on your tablet at work, it’s that simple.

Clipix is intended to save things from the web and does so well, but there’s another plus to this service. Unintentional organization. The best way to take advantage of Clipix is to organize clips into Clipboards. Clipboards make sorting gifts or travel deals timely. If someone has a birthday coming up, you can create a Clipboard of Mom’s Birthday Ideas 2012, making whatever you clip pertinent and up to date. There are many more ideas for Clipboards but you get the drift. In addition, Clips can be shared with others. So that ‘Mom’s Birthday’ Clipboard can now be viewed by all siblings.

Clipix seems to understand that not everyone wants to share everything they find online. That’s fantastic news! Clipix has the option of public or private so that if you want to use the service as your own personal bookmark saver, then so be it. While others who want to share, share, share can do so too. Clipix is very similar to Pinterest but with private Clipboards, which means that you’ll be starting from scratch if your intent is to move all your bookmarks into their service. If you’ve been searching for a way to make the transition from traditional bookmarking to cloud favorites, then Clipix is worth a look.

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2 Responses

  1. chief_geek says:

    @Erika – Thanks for commenting and clarifying that for readers. You’re right of course. The “from scratch” was referencing the lack of import of bookmarks from browsers.

  2. Erika says:

    Just a slight correction: Clipix offers batch upload of clips, automatically moving them into clipboards, from other sites such as Pinterest. So you don’t have to start from scratch and you don’t have to go into each individual link to re-clip it. Brilliant.