Find Out What's Been Accomplished With iDoneThis

Find Out What’s Been Accomplished With iDoneThis


Productivity is what drives individuals and business to success. One of the most popular ways of enhancing productivity these days is to track and analyze it. There are many tools and proprietary platforms that have been designed specifically for purposes of tracking productivity and yet there is always the question of, “did we get enough done?” iDoneThis is a management tool that gives a clear depiction of what a team has accomplished.

The premise is simple, ask each team member about their work at the end of each day through a single email. iDoneThis then collates the information to deliver a daily overview of productivity. As a manager or leader, your priority is to limit wasteful time and deliver results for your organization. With iDoneThis, you can eliminate many of the mundane meetings and back and forth email conversations because each morning you’ll receive a list of what each individual accomplished the day before.

iDoneThis can be a great motivator too. Individuals who expect the daily iDoneThis email will increase their productivity without reinforcement in order to add compelling information to their daily accomplishments. Buy-in could be hit or miss, but who wouldn’t want to complete a roughly 60-second email response versus an hour long meeting with an entire department?

Those interested will be happy to know that iDoneThis is completely independent of your in-house servers and as such no need for IT involvement. iDoneThis is not a free service, though reasonably priced at $3 per person, per month.

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