Cloud Bookmarking With Images - Skloog

Cloud Bookmarking With Images – Skloog


We here at GeekITDown are firmly committed to providing our readers with quality cloud options. It’s the whole point of our Nifty Websites Collection. The growing competition between these online services means great variety and a wealth of choices for our readers. Skloog is another fine example of how competition in motion is working to offer choices in the cloud.

We’ve highlighted online bookmarking sites in the past and will continue to do so. It’s a convenient way to manage the plethora of websites without the worry of losing them to a faulty hard drive or trouble of transferring them between systems. Skloog is an online bookmarking tool that like others gathers everything you love about the web in one unified place.

Skloog provides the ability to tag and categorize bookmarks which most of us in the tech field desperately need. Users will find the interface to be fairly informative with category names, number of favorites, visibility setting and buttons to delete or edit bookmarks quickly. Visibility is a nice feature, allowing for bookmarks to be either publicly viewable or privately stored for ‘your eyes only‘.

The feature that really makes Skloog an attractive choice is its use of images to display bookmarks. Users are drawn towards visual information on the web and Skloog takes full advantage of that by listing bookmarks with a distinguishable affiliated image. Typically a logo is used which makes finding a bookmark incredibly easy for users. A feature that we always look for in an online bookmarking site is import of existing browser bookmarks. Skloog handles imports from Delicious, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Currently there is no export function, but their support section implies the feature is in the works.

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