Drugcite Provides Detailed Information On Medication

Drugcite Provides Detailed Information On Medication


At one time or another, people have been on or used prescribed medication. Medicine and pharmaceutical drugs in particular are a way of life for some who need them on a regular basis to survive. With all the medication being prescribed it’s good to know exactly what the drugs are doing to our body, besides healing it.

Drugcite is a search engine for medication. The site is setup similar in fashion to other search engines whereby the only bit of information excised from the user is the name of the medication. Usually the medication name can be found on the label or pamphlet from the pharmacy.

Enter the name of the medication into the search field and Drugcite pulls all the information it has stored on that particular drug. The information can be quite extensive and altogether fascinating to read through. We put in a common medication known as Levothyroxine, which is used for those with thyroid conditions. We intentionally spelled it wrong to see what would happen and Drugcite caught the error. Drugcite then provided us with some alternate possibilities based on the spelling. The suggestions were accurate and we chose the appropriate medication and moved forward.

The interface is extremely clean. There are no drug or pharmaceutical advertisements and there is very little to distract from the actual information. Drugcite breaks down the drug’s information with categories such as ingredients, common uses, adverse effects, gender profile, manufacturers and case reports.

Drugcite’s search bar is fixed to the top of the page. Alongside the search box are two additional parameters for narrowing down the information to specific age and gender. Adjusting those items to fit individual need results in pertinent data regarding adverse effects, graphs and other information. Drugcite is an ideal destination to find out about medication or even to catalog the data for your own personal medical profile.

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