Get More Done By Using Todoist

Get More Done By Using Todoist


Todoist is a cloud based personal task manager which serves to improve your organization and productivity. The simple, clean interface makes creating new tasks extremely simple. The tasks can be organized according to priority with project names and sub-tasks. Each task can be added in a matter of seconds with custom names.

One of the best features of Todoist is its synchronization feature. Todoist synchronizes between browsers, Outlook and mobile devices. Synchronization is so important these days and Todoist works to deliver their service from all sources. Further synchronization through email makes integrating your Todoist tasks convenient. Along with Outlook, Todoist integrates with Gmail to cover a wide range of users needs.

Additional features include scheduled tasks and deadlines. From a weekly calendar type view, users can view their scheduled tasks which are prioritized and organized by Todoist based on user settings. Multiple task management per project is a convenient aspect that allows users to break down complex projects into separate phases (or tasks) which increase focus and decrease clutter on one project.

Todoist is free, but offers a premium feature which provides some additional features. Todoist is a strong choice for anyone looking to manage tasks in the cloud and in need of synchronization across devices.

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