Get More From Search And Still Keep Your Privacy - Yippy!

Get More From Search And Still Keep Your Privacy – Yippy!


Have you felt more like a piece of meat than usual lately when it comes to privacy? You aren’t alone. Recent Google privacy policy changes, the debacle with Google Buzz and the ongoing debate about Google+ privacy has lead many to wonder if it might be time to find a more “do no evil” default search engine. Thankfully, there are some stepping up to the plate. Yippy is one of them.

Those in tune with current events on the net can tell you that the emergence of duckduckgo is in direct correlation with online privacy concerns. For all those marketing experts that claim users want to find what their friends and contacts like, there are just as many who want unfiltered search results. At the same time, those individuals want to know their privacy is protected. Yippy takes all those considerations into account and produces a quality search engine with accurate results.

Yippy takes privacy seriously with claims of never tracking user activity, history, searches or any other personal information. Their search results are actually gathered from top search engines and then combined to provide the most highly pertinent and accurate results. By using Yippy in this fashion, users still receive the same quality results but without all the tracking used by the big guys. Yippy is based on technology developed by Carnegie Mellon University scientists and was originally called Clusty before being acquired by Yippy in 2010.

Yippy is unique in several ways. Search results are displayed much like they are on other websites, but Yippy offers an additional way of separating the pertinent from the extraneous. Through the use of “clouds” Yippy offers users the ability to break content down by topic, source, site origination and time. For example, a search for “GeekITDown Blog” returns typical search results, but by clicking on the “clouds” box to the left, results are broken down and shown for Facebook references, GeekITDown repair services, specific topics and other websites which carry our content.

Another feature worth mentioning is Yuckout. For parents, Yuckout is exactly what they need to keep their children from viewing objectionable material on the web. Yuckout strips away inappropriate content and makes searching family friendly.

Names like Yippy and duckduckgo are certainly different and may even sound funny, but remember there was a time when we all wondered what a Google was too. While we typically shy away from recommending alternate search engines, Yippy’s approach to privacy is admirable and certainly worth a look.

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  1. […] Yippy gathers search results from top search providers and displays the most accurate, pertinent results. They have several ways of enhancing a user’s search. Through clouds, Yippy separates content by topic to better direct results. Additionally, Yippy has a version of their search engine which automatically applies parental controls to filter out the information children shouldn’t see.  Read more about Yippy. […]