Grockit Test Prep Is A Quality Learning Tool

Grockit Test Prep Is A Quality Learning Tool


With the growing push towards advanced education, it’s important that students get the very best grades and scores possible in order to gain admittance to a top tier university. There are many factors involved, but grades and SAT scores are a large part of the decision. One way to get a leg up through advanced studying is Grockit.

What is Grockit?

Grockit describes themselves as a social learning company. Think of Grockit as a community study tool where friends can study together, peers can learn from each other, tutors can guide students and students can learn from teachers.

As an online education tool, Grockit brings together users wanting and willing to learn. The process of learning takes on a new dimension when students study in groups and Grockit enhances that method with preparation for tests.

Benefits of Grockit

The most obvious benefit is the ability to study anytime, anywhere. Students can feel comfortable at home or wherever, which is likely to make the learning process less boring.

As mentioned, tutors are a part of the Grockit learning system. As such, students can match up with a tutor to help them study in areas of weakness. Subject matters are broken down to illustrate strengths in each area. Along with a personalized breakdown, students can benefit from study plans and sample exams to further prep them for the real life test.

Beyond learning aids and tutoring, there are video tutorials to further enhance study techniques along with study groups for bringing a more social feel to the online learning process.


There are a number of study programs available ranging from the most popular SAT to GMAT to Academy Programs for grades 7-12. All designed to improve student scores and skills.

Grockit is a paid service. A free 3 day trial is offered in order to get your feet wet, then the cost is $29.99/month. Yes, monthly so it’s important that you focus your study quickly and be motivated to improve to avoid incurring extensive costs.

Final Thoughts

We’ve reviewed several educational websites and tools in the past and admit that Grockit is the most focused of the bunch. They are targeted towards test preparation and do so well. We like the idea of video learning and social interaction through group study, both are timely and comfortable for today’s students.

There is definitely room for improvement though. The introduction video gave the feeling of a cross between sales pitch and exercise infomercial to which we chalked up to ‘not all videos are created equal’. However, the sales pitch makes more sense once we take into account the $29.99/monthly fee. Overall the service is likely worth the cost, but it might be in Grockit’s interest to shift marketing focus away from a social one where students earn achievements and share their progress across social networking sites. Ultimately customers, most likely parents, don’t want to see Sally spending time on achievements and sharing. At $29.99/month, they want Sally to be focused on learning. It’s a fine line between fun and education so if achievements and social sharing are an integral part of Grockit’s education process, then a price reduction should be considered.

Grockit can definitely help your student improve their learning ability and possibly improve test scores. Our word of caution is to track the results regularly before you overspend.

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