Nifty Websites Collection [August 26, 2012]

Nifty Websites Collection [August 26, 2012]

View any one of the nifty websites from our weekly collections. Each week we scour the web searching for nifty websites and online tools that will, hopefully, benefit our readers. Websites are discovered from a wide range of sources, covering all sorts of topics. If you want to be informed of new collections, subscribe to our RSS feed here, or join us on Facebook for a weekly notification. The current Collection features a financial management tool for small businesses, large file sharing site, website status checker and test prep service.

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As small business owners, the goal is to be successful and grow your business. Growing a business takes a great deal of work, endless tweaking of products and services along with countless hours spent bookkeeping and accounting. Outright promises to practically eliminate the time involved in one of those tasks. Continue..Read more about Outright.
Nifty Websites Collection Outright

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With the growing push towards advanced education, it’s important that students get the very best grades and scores possible in order to gain admittance to a top tier university. There are many factors involved, but grades and SAT scores are a large part of the decision. One way to get a leg up through advanced studying is Grockit. Continue..Read more about Grockit.
Nifty Websites Collection Grockit

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With so many ways to share files, it’s surprising that many users still use email attachments to pass them between each other. Cloud storage services are making it more convenient than ever to share files with people you know and trust for regular sharing. Though sharing single, large files with individuals as a one time occurrence still remains a bit awkward. That’s where quick file sharing services like WikiUpload can be beneficial. Continue..Read more about WikiUpload.
Nifty Websites Collection WikiUpload

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From time to time all websites experience outages. Typically the downtime isn’t very long and often times most users don’t even realize there was a problem. However, when a website experiences a significant outage the users who notice compounds the longer the issue remains. ItsNotJust.Me is an simple way for users to check if a website is truly down or if their connection issue is unique. Continue..Read more about
Nifty Websites Collection

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