How To Check A Website's Status

How To Check A Website’s Status


From time to time all websites experience outages. Typically the downtime isn’t very long and often times most users don’t even realize there was a problem. However, when a website experiences a significant outage the users who notice compounds the longer the issue remains. ItsNotJust.Me is an simple way for users to check if a website is truly down or if their connection issue is unique.

In June of 2012, Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a significant outage and as a result websites across the web were down and inaccessible. The result was widespread chatter across social networks and businesses from users wondering what was wrong with their service(s).

Companies like Netflix, Pinterest and others use AWS and so when their websites and services were disrupted it was immediately noticed. For those instances, social media will likely be the first source for information and confirmation that it’s an outage. What about smaller niche websites and services though?

ItsNotJust.Me is the answer. Users wondering why a website or service is inaccessible can enter the url address of the affected website on ItsNotJust.Me to find out if it’s truly an outage or a client side error. The simple result will show whether the website is down for just you (the user) or if it’s a more widespread problem. Next time a website is unresponsive and you think there might be a problem, use ItsNotJust.Me to check it out.

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