KoA: Reckoning - How To Dispel Chests

KoA: Reckoning – How To Dispel Chests

One of the more frustrating tasks in Kingdoms of Amalur (KoA) is the art of dispelling chests. Unlike lock-picking where there is a gradual and purposeful pursuit towards breaking through the lock, dispelling involves quick reflexes and rushed button pressing to facilitate a correct dispel.

In this tip we explain how to successfully dispel chests with some simple tricks to become more adept at it. Dispelling is not a simple task so don’t be alarmed because you’ve failed repeatedly.

Dispel Information

There are a few things that you’ll need to know before you get started.


  1. There are 4 symbols to be aware of when dispelling chests. Glyphs represent the suggested order for dispelling.
  2. Each glyph has a number of marks from 1-3.
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Glyphs
  3. Each glyph has its own time limit, dependent upon the marks, before it reactivates. The lower the number, the longer it remains inactive.
  4. Each glyph has its own time limit, dependent upon the order in which is was deactivated. So if there are 2 single marked glyphs, then the one pressed deactivated first will reactivate first when the time is up.
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Glyph Ring
  5. On more difficult chests a red glyph may appear which, if tapped, will automatically cause an explosion.

Example: Award has 5 glyphs. There are 2 single mark glyphs, 1 double marked glyph, 1 triple marked glyph and 1 red glyph.

A successful dispel will come from avoiding the red glyph while deactivating (tapping) the single marked glyphs first, then the double marked glyph and finally the third marked glyph all before the first single marked glyph’s deactivation time expires and prior to the end of the allowed time for total chest dispelling expires.

Deactivating Glyphs

  • There is a white circle which moves along the glyph ring. The white ring is how you choose when to deactivate a glyph.
  • As the circle moves along the ring, deactivate (tap) the smaller number marked glyphs first and so on.
  • Speed is essential. Be mindful of the time remaining on the dispel attempt as well as each glyph.


  • The white circle doesn’t have to be entirely over the glyph. Deactivate the glyph when the white circle hits the outer part of the glyph ring.
  • Practice is key so make sure you make a serious attempt every time to improve your timing.
  • Learn dispelling. You don’t need to learn it to maximum, just put a few points into it to make things a bit easier.
  • Let it explode. These things are incredibly aggravating. If you save with full health before dispelling one and have a health regen item, then just walk up to it and try to auto-dispel it. Most times it will fail, but the explosion can usually be absorbed and if you have a health regen item, then there is zero risk. Granted this isn’t the most enticing solution, but it works.

Your Tips

If you have any other tips for dispelling chests, let everyone know in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. chief_geek says:

    @Hinenuitepo – 100% agreed. Not fond of the dispel minigame. Thanks for expanding on the dispel info, hopefully it helps others.

  2. Hinenuitepo says:

    Indeed good sir your last tip is quite effective. I put 4 early points into dispelling (and only 1 since) and simply save before attempting any cursed chest. That way you basically get two tries before it blows up. Then I autodispel. If I die, I reload. If I get cursed and don’t want to pay a healer to remove it, I reload. Even very hard chests typically are dispelled with one or two tries at it (reloads that is, so within four attempts total).
    Not fond of the dispell minigame!