KoA: Reckoning – Rathir House Quest-line

KoA: Reckoning – Rathir House Quest-line

The Rathir house quest-line is quite long so be prepared to put some time into it. There are several quests involved which this article will guide you through.  Note: For other house quest-lines, check out our KoA: Reckoning – House Quests post.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Trial by Fire

Speak with Docent Augra Tenet in Ysa to start the Trial by Fire quest. You will receive a key which unlocks Delving Hall in Ysa.

  • Speak with Savant Aethan Engar at Delving Hall in Ysa.
  • Complete the trials.
  • Speak with Savant Aethan Engar to start The Ruin of Aodh quest.

The Ruin of Aodh

  • Kill Nuala Ignas at Aodh and retrieve the Sun Stone.
  • Return to Savant Aethan Engar with the Sun Stone to start The Unquiet Bride quest.

The Unquiet Bride

  • Meet with Jubal Caledus in the Plains of Erathell (it will be marked on your map).
  • Travel to Mel Aglir.
  • Speak with Patrick Morkan located at The Raven.
  • Find Lerkara Fel’s Journal located in a footlocker on the upper level at The Raven.
  • Read the journal to determine your next destination. Note: You MUST read the journal in order for the location to be revealed.
  • Travel to Tulan.
  • Find and receive information from Lerkara Fel.
  • Kill Patrick Morkan.
  • Meet Lerkara Fel at The Raven in Mel Aglir.


  • Travel to Rathir.
  • Meet with Savant Aethan Engar in the Upper City at Scholia Arcana inside the Main Hall to start Shardfall quest.
  • Travel to Emaire and speak with Anker Edmure.
  • Hunt and kill Paragon Barghest, retrieve the heart and return it to Edmure. Note: The Paragon Barghest is located just west of Mull Rane which is in the far north of the Plains of Erathell.
  • Travel to Shardfall Caves.
  • Defeat Cadoc Reen and retrieve the Frost Stone.
  • Travel to Scholia Arcana in Rathir and speak with Eran Metheen to start Lightning in a Bottle quest.

Lightning in a Bottle

  • Travel to Skycrown and meet with Savant Aethan Engar.
  • Find Savant Aethan Engar’s body. Note: It will move once.
  • Kill Savant Aethan Engar and retrieve the Storm Stone and Sun Stone.
  • Return to Scholia Arcana in Rathir and speak with Eran Methneen.

A Crowded Mind

  • Find Archsage Caledus in Archsage Quarters. Check map for location.
  • When you find Archsage Caledus, you must place your palm on the glyph to be transported to the Dreamworld.
  • Defeat all enemies in the Dreamworld and return to Archsage Caledus.

When you return to Archsage Caledus you will be given a reward, but you must choose the reward. He offers a choice of Fearlessness or Discipline. The reward is a new Twist of Fate Card and they are essentially polar opposites of one another.


KoA Reckoning Twist of Fate Fearless

  • +5% Elemental Damage
  • +1 to Sorcery Abilities

KoA Reckoning Twist of Fate Discipline

  • +5% Elemental Resistance
  • +1 to Sorcery Abilities


  • Meet Archsage Jubal Caledus at the Scholia Arcana Chapterhouse Grounds to begin the Revelation quest.
  • Place the Frost, Storm and Sun stones in the statues. The statues are located the the right, left and behind Archsage Caledus’ position.
  • Kill Ciara Sydanus.


That completes the Rathis house quest-line. Upon Ciara Sydanus’ demise you will be approached by Savant Eran Methneen and rewarded the Archsage’s Ring, Key to the Quarters and the title of Archsage. The ring has +15% resistance to Fire, Ice and Lightning along with +30 mana and -10% mana cost.

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