Mark Places And Share Travel Stories Through

Mark Places And Share Travel Stories Through

We all travel for one reason or another. Whether it be for business or pleasure, we’re constantly on the move and when we return from our trips there’s usually a story to share. is a place to share those travel stories and connect with others who’ve been to the same place.

The purpose of is to give users a place where they can share all the places they’ve been and then connect with others who’ve been there too. provides users with an online map to illustrate their visited locations. By using pins, marks each locale on a user’s map and helps distinguish the different locations with some customization options. Through colors, pins are differentiated from one another with a specific category assigned to each color. Categories include Residence, Work, Recreation, Spiritual, Travel, Personal/Romantic, Entertainment and School.

How many times have you heard or told a story about a vacation or previous residence? They’re great topics of conversation and’s goal is to gather all those moments. When a user pins a place on the map, they have the option of adding dates, description, category, specific name of the location and reason for being there.

Through pinning, users can compare their own travel locations with other user’s pins and share the experience. Building the map is a fun trip (pun intended) down memory lane and is a neat way to showcase just how worldly you are.

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