NextDoor - A Social Network For Neighbors

NextDoor – A Social Network For Neighbors


We have Google and other search engines for finding worldwide information and Facebook and social sites for interacting with friends, family and colleagues. The only thing missing is a way to interact locally with those in your neighborhood. Nextdoor is the bridge between social and search, targeted towards neighborhoods.

Nextdoor is a way to meet neighbors, interact socially and exchange information about your neighborhood. It’s not uncommon to have one neighbor we consider a nice, respectable member of the community. Having multiple neighbors that fit that description are either hard to come by or simply unknown because neighbors rarely interact with each other these days. Nextdoor takes the awkwardness out of meeting new neighbors by building an online community from the actual neighborhood residents.

Nextdoor can be used for a variety of reasons. Obviously, meeting and communicating is an initial benefit of Nextdoor, though the free service has the potential for much more. Users can share information about local service providers, community crime reports, yard sales and more. Some examples given by Nextdoor include finding babysitters or posting notices about lost pets.

The mission of Nextdoor is to build a sense of community and as such verifies that only residents of any given neighborhood are able to interact with each other. The idea of a social network for neighborhoods is a good one and the ability to get a recommendation for a repairman based on results from other neighbors is a valuable resource. Nextdoor is still limited so availability may be an issue until the service expands.

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