Pic Scatter: Generate Photo Collages From Facebook Images

Pic Scatter: Generate Photo Collages From Facebook Images

Pic Scatter

Ever create a scrapbook or fill a photo album? If you have, then you may recall the scene of photos scattered about as you choose the right ones and organize them for your memory book. Pic Scatter uses a similar concept with the difference being Facebook is the source for your photos.

Pic Scatter creates collages from your Facebook friends, likes and photo albums. Mainly touted as a Facebook Timeline Cover photo creator, Pic Scatter generates collages in a scattered about way. Photos are displayed in a grid within multiple sized frames. Timeline photos are a great use of Pic Scatter although the service can be used to create desktop wallpaper and custom collages as well.

To get started, users login with their Facebook account information in order to authorize Pic Scatter access. Pic Scatter then scans a user’s account along with their friend’s to find images which can be used for the photo collage. Pic Scatter finds the images, but it’s the users who have control over the final product.

Key Features

Users can adjust photo position within a frame, change the photo within a frame and decide which photos are to be used in the collage. Pic Scatter also has a nice shuffle option which randomly selects photos to provide a completely unique final collage. Users add a title to their photo collage to share a message or describe the photos.

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