Share Large Files Without A Hassle Through WikiUpload

Share Large Files Without A Hassle Through WikiUpload


With so many ways to share files, it’s surprising that many users still use email attachments to pass them between each other. Cloud storage services are making it more convenient than ever to share files with people you know and trust for regular sharing. Though sharing single, large files with individuals as a one time occurrence still remains a bit awkward. That’s where quick file sharing services like WikiUpload can be beneficial.

The Premise

A user has a file that needs to reach a recipient quickly. The file is of large size and the file size is too great for an email attachment. The file itself is a one time exchange of data between users and so adding the recipient to a cloud storage shared folder etc. is excessive.

The solution is to upload the file (up to 5GB) to WikiUpload for sharing and delivery of the file to the recipient.

How It Works

WikiUpload accepts files via an upload interface that provides users with title and description options for the uploaded file(s). Users simply choose which file from their computer they want to upload and share to complete the process.

Once the file has completely uploaded, WikiUpload creates a direct url to the file as well as an embeddable link for webmasters. Anytime someone navigates to the provided url, they will have the option of downloading the file associated with it.

One of the biggest benefits to using WikiUpload versus other cloud file storage/sharing sites is the nonexistent wait time. Other services make users wait and sometimes provide countdowns whereas WikiUpload gets right to it and does the task quickly.


If you haven’t guessed by now, the sharing becomes very simple after WikiUpload creates a url for the uploaded file. Just give the url to anyone who needs the file. Recipients will be able to access the file from any browser and computer that has internet access.


WikiUpload does offer a premium account which allows users to store and track existing file uploads through a file manager. Accounts are password protected and only chosen items are shared. As with the free file storage and sharing option, file size limit is 5GB regardless of plan size.

The different storage plans offer 5GB of storage at .99¢/month, 25GB at $5/month and 100GB at $10/month. All plans offer a free 30 day trial.


While the price is certainly right in terms of cheap storage, anyone with the url of your file uploads can access them so it’s best not to use WikiUpload for confidential information sharing.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend WikiUpload for sharing large files between parties. Though they offer file storage, it should be used cautiously. Private and personal information should not be shared through this service in case unwanted viewers stumble onto the url.

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