Engage Directly With Your Web App Users

Engage Directly With Your Web App Users


Are you a web app owner or manager that is interested in gaining traction with your app while further engaging users? Intercom may be what you need to build upon those existing relationships.

Intercom uses information that already exists and transforms it into a database revealing users demographics and social profiles. All the data is sorted in rows detailing each user’s age, location, relationship or other stat which can be filtered accordingly.

Web app owners can view sign up dates along with user photo and then view their social profiles to better understand each user. The benefit is that web app owners can extend a hand to app users with messages for purposes of inquiry, aid or whatever other reason app owners come up with. Relationship information is generated based on familiarity between app owners and users. Indicator bars depict how strong a relationship is and provide insight as to which need improving.

Intercom is still in public beta which means they are still perfecting their product, but during public beta all sign ups are free. Definitely head over to Intercom and try it out while it’s free.

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