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Online Virus Removal

What is Online Virus Removal? Online virus removal, sometimes referred to as remote virus removal, is a method of removing viruses whereby the removal process is performed by a third party via remote access or remote support while connected through the web to your computer. Often online virus removal is wrongfully thought of as removing […]


Infections Never Rest Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to take a look at the upcoming year in computers and technology.  This year we are starting off by shining the light on a form of infection that has recently crept back into systems.  Ransomware.   Locks Your Files A ransomware infection is your […]

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Anti-virus Letdown

If you’ve been let down recently by your anti-virus program or your pc somehow caught an infection that your anti-virus program can’t get rid of, you’re not alone. Most users have some sort of anti-virus program running on their system and for the most part they manage to keep dangerous infections from compromising computer systems, […]

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Lay Off The Junk

Lately we’ve noticed a spike in problems stemming from the download or installation of free products. While we at GeekITDown wholeheartedly support open source products, as well as quality, free software created and maintained by generous individuals or corporations, we must urge a word of caution. I’ve Got Nothing to Lose, it’s Free! The allure […]

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Bluetooth Rant!

This time around I am going to focus on something that is more of a peeve than a knowledge based subject. Lately I’ve been more bothered than usual by those who choose to use cellphones while driving. But before I get knee deep in my rant about this subject let me be clear, I use […]

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Prevention, Detection, Cleanup

Questions regarding virus, spyware and other security software repeatedly get raised, especially after an infection is discovered. The questions focus primarily on how the infections happened and how can they can be prevented in the future. There are three parts to protecting your system from infections and each play an important role in maintaining a […]

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How Vulnerable Am I If My Laptop Is Stolen?

Most people enjoy the freedom afforded by using a laptop or portable electronic device. The technology today allows for work away from the office and leisure away from home. With laptops becoming more of a replacement to desktops it stands to reason that more personal information is stored on those laptops. Without detailing the specifics […]

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