Verizon Announces First Share Everything Plan

Verizon Announces First Share Everything Plan

Touting itself as the first ever carrier to offer shared data, Verizon announced today the addition of their Share Everything Plans. Set to be available on June 28, 2012, the plans will offer shared data across up to 20 different devices.

What You Get

Verizon’s Share Everything Plan is big on unlimited, except data. Plan subscribers will get the following included in whichever data plan they choose:

  • Unlimited Talk across all devices.
  • Unlimited Text messages across all devices.
  • No domestic roaming or long distance charges.
  • Free Mobile Hotspot on all devices.

In addition subscribers will receive basic voice mail, 3-way calling and other basic Verizon plan features.

Data & Devices

Subscribers can add up to 10 devices to their Share Everything Plan and each device is a separate charge based on Verizon’s pricing scale. Smartphones are the priciest at $40 while tablets are the cheapest at $10. The pricing seems to be scaled appropriately since smartphones are by far the most popular device. Tablets on the other hand have struggled to take hold with carrier plans and the $10 fee is no doubt an attempt to boost tablet contract agreements.

Verizon Share Everything Devices

Data plans extend up to 10GB of usage per month at $100/month. In all, there are 6 different data plans to choose from. The benefit of Verizon’s Share Everything Plan is in the data plans. Subscribers pay for multiple devices, but only pay once for the data. Although there’s no mention of it, we expect there is a contract termination fee if subscribers choose to downgrade as opposed to upgrade their data rate. Our advice is to buy low and increase later if necessary.

Verizon Share Everything Data


The idea of paying for data once is great. The pricing for data isn’t too terrible considering the market and the free Mobile Hotspot alone saves subscribers $30. Throw in the unlimited talk and text and the plan seems quite attractive. The negative portion of the plan comes from the device pricing. The tablet cost at $10 is great, but the smartphone $40 tag is inflated.

As a new Verizon Share Everything subscriber you’ll need to weigh the number of devices versus how much data you need. Odds are, sacrificing a device is the way to go and instead opt to utilize the free Mobile Hotspot.

You can read about all the Share Everything details on Verizon’s shop page.

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  1. Flix says:

    I don’t like it either. I will stay with Verizon until my contract is up and then switch over to T Mobile.