Google Picks Best Apps Of 2012

Google Picks Best Apps Of 2012

Google has released their list for “Best Apps of 2012”. The list includes some extremely popular and well established apps so don’t expect some wild surprises here. However, the list is a small insight as to what Google sees as the best on the Android platform.

Apps like Pinterest and Evernote are no doubt in use by many current Android users. Those with new Android devices, perhaps given as gifts this holiday, might benefit from looking through apps such as Pocket and Pixlr Express.

11 of the 12 are free so they’re definitely worth a look. With a market stuffed full of apps and is ever expanding, this list offers a nice way to quickly grab some apps to fit those niches you didn’t know you had.

You can view the entire list by following the link below. Have a favorite of your own? Let other readers know in the comments!

Google Play Best Apps of 2012

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