How To Obtain Black Book The Winds Of Change [Skyrim]

How To Obtain Black Book The Winds Of Change [Skyrim]

The Winds of Change black book can be acquired near the end of another quest called The Final Descent. If you haven’t already started that quest, get started then follow the link to return here and complete this black book acquisition.

For other black books, review the Complete Black Book Locations List.

The Winds of Change

  • Read black book to be transported to Apocrypha.
  • Follow the path and activate scrye located towards the eastern side of the platform.
  • Move northeast along the edge and activate scrye to open a gate.
  • Back out of the dead end and move southwest through the gate.
  • Travel southeast and activate scrye.
  • Continue south and defeat Lurker.
    Warning: For whatever reason, the Lurker can be buggy. It may fly around, get stuck in walls and fall through the floor after it’s defeated.
  • Move up the ramp on the left (from entrance) and activate scrye.
  • Move back down ramp and west to activate a second scrye.
  • Move up the now visible stairs to the black book The Winds of Change.

Reward options

  • Lover’s Insight: Do 10% more damage and get 10% better prices from people of the opposite sex.
  • Companion’s Insight: Your attacks, shouts and destruction spells do no damage to your followers.
  • Scholar’s Insight: Reading skill books gives you an extra skill point.
    Note: At first glance this sounds like the easy choice. More skill points are sorely needed. However, if you are far along in the overall game and presumably you are by this point, then you’ve likely read/learned most if not all the skill books. Thus rendering this reward utterly useless. You cannot read books for already learned skills.

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